RUSS TOBIN'S BEDSIDE GUIDE TO SMOOTHER SEDUCTION edition #1- click for a bigger version RUSS TOBIN'S BEDSIDE GUIDE TO SMOOTHER SEDUCTION edition #2- click for a bigger version

 Two paperback editions

 Both editions have a slightly larger than normal format. Edition #1 has the standard Star layout and a lady with a gigagntic bottle of champagne. I'm 99% sure that this is the famous English glamour model Jilly Johnson! 8/10. For Edition #2 the bird has a nasty perm and Russ, the sly old dog, is pouring champagne in her lap. His hair looks like Weetabix. Bill Tidy illustrates both editions in his usual inimitable style. 6/10

 Edition #1
"Seduction Is An Art, and Russ Tobin, Stud of the 70's, is its most accomplished practitioner. If your style lacks finesse, if your technique lacks attack, then learn from Russ's exhaustive experience of sticky situations. Here are his most overwhelming sexual sorties set down for your scrutiny: a catalogue of calamity and conquest. Avoid the pitfalls of the persistent philanderer and pursue the path to the pinnacles of pleasure with the Tobin amatory almanack!"

"IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM SLEEP ON IT. If seduction is an art then that Stud of the Seventies Russ Tobin spearheads a school of his own. Grab hold of your voddie for his latest amorous adventures would sap the energies of the most garngantuan talent. The result of letters from his millions of readers is that Russ presides over a hilarious arena of sexual calamity and conquest to guide you beyond the basic truth that a bird in the hand is worth it."

 Less of a plot - more just Russ Tobin recounting various of his sexual adventures and offering advice to the would-be stud.

The entire book is a series of reminiscences, under the pretence of answering his reader's letters

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 Page 12

That everyone is unique and whatever advice Russ gives might not necessarily work. More of a disclaimer really.

Fairly pointless book as 90% of it has already been published in some form - probably a cash-in - so I'm going to give it nothing at all.