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  • Cover Notes

 MEET RANDOLPH TURPIN COMFORT. Tall, dark, handsome, sexy and definitely out of work. To make ends meet he takes a job as handyman at Sylvan Glade Mansions - the home of rich, beautiful - and sometimes lonely - women. Is he handy? Well just ask the residents:
Mr Widdlespoon, widow: "What a handsome boy."
Miss Veronica Dove, actress: "Not just a pretty face."
Miss Rachel Roget, painter: "Very strong...excellent muscle definition
Mrs Dexter, housewife: "Gorgeous!"
Mrs Harrington-Hartley, divorcee: "Just what we've been needing around the mansions."

  • Number Of Editions

Originally issued on Futura in 1976 with the yellow cover and then in reprinted in 1979 with the white cover. There was also a reprint in 1977 but not sure if the cover was different

  • Marks out of 10 for Cover

 Yellow Cover: An unusual choice of font/style - not used on any of the other Morgan books, features a young lady in dungarees and nothing else reclining against a hold-all full of money. Not clear why that is. 6/10
 White Cover: Again another unique font/style choice that doesn't fit in with any other books in the Morgan canon - this time a different young lady (an outlier from the publishers who usually stick to blonds & brunettes - she appears to have ginger hair) reclining in her pants on a lacy sofa and appears to have two dead cats draped around her shoulders and bosom

  • Our Review

 The start of a new series for Stan - Randy is not a million miles removed from Russ Tobin..he's an umemployed rogue, 6ft 2 and 22 years old with an eye for the ladies. He's had loads of short-lived jobs and the story begins with him signing on at the dole office. He is swiftly offered a job at Sylvan Glade Mansions, an exclusive block of luxury flats in Knightsbridge - and it doesn't take long before he has his feet well and truly under the table (or more accurately under the duvet). By the end of the book he has secured his own living quarters in the Mansion and made a list of all the people he has met - he has roughly half of the residents still to meet and he's already bedded more women in a couple of days than even Tobin himself could imagine.

  • Rating on the MORGANOMETER
7/10 - Randy doesn't measure up to our hero Mr Tobin, but he has his own unique charms! Although a further adventure is hinted at (and indeed materialised) there was never as much scope for progressing the story beyond the Sylvan Glade Mansions.