Dr. No VHS Edition

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Stan appears and hands Bond the card at the end of this scene

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  • Stanley Morgan plays the Concierge.

    • Also starring Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman, Jack Lord & Bernard Lee

    • Near the beginning in the Casino (Les Ambassadeurs, London) The man from MI6 or whatever arrives to tell James Bond that nasty things have happened in Jamaica. The Agent chap tells Stan that he needs Bond in a hurry, so off he goes to deliver this very important message to our Sean." As Stan himself pointed out to us - "Has it occurred to anyone that if I had decided to ignore the MI6 guy, told him to get lost because I was too busy, or failed to find Bond in the casino, that there would not have been a James Bond series!!! The film would have ended right there! No sequels. No work for Sean, Roger Moore et al! Countless jobs and hundreds of millions of pounds, dollars, yen lost. So let's have less of this 'small speaking part', huh? The role was pivotal!"