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    Also stars a host of famous British names such as Reginald Beckwith, John Le Mesurier, Brian Oulton, Stanley Unwin & Barbara Windsor. Also features bit parts from Clement Freud, Gretchen Franklin (Ethel from Eastenders!) and John Junkin.

    A great little hidden gem - we unearthed a copy thanks to the good people at Canal +, The UK Film Council and Granada International.

    Stan plays Jim Lester, the new Marketing Manager at a Razor Blade Factory who falls in love with his secretary. Her father just happens to be the commissionaire at the factory, who grows a beard after suffering a bout of shaving rash - the beard changes his life and goes down very badly with the management, leaving Stan to try and smooth the waters. Stan gets plenty of screen time and puts in a great performance (obviously glad to not be playing a policeman for once!)

      Hair Of The Dog

      • L-R: Brian Oulton, John Le Mesurier and Stanley Morgan - playing Jim Lester in Hair Of The Dog

      Hair Of The Dog

      Stan in Hair Of The Dog 1
      Stan in Hair Of The Dog 2
      Stan in Hair Of The Dog 3
      Stan in Hair Of The Dog 4