Hard Up - click for a bigger version

 A single male bicep gripping a penny? Not sure who they were trying to kid - but surely the publishers must have realised that half the reason people bought these books was for the semi-naked women on the front? 0/10

" Russ Tobin's back in London - skint. The economy is groaning under the weight of his monstrous overdraft. It's all of £2.42 and the country can't take any more! So Tobin turns salesman for disreputable ZIP Electrics. But his massive talents remain undiscovered by all those housewives. Disaster strikes - the electric mixers explode, the vacuum cleaners don't suck, and he's booted out on the street with hoots of derisive laughter. Until his luck turns. Then his equipment's back in full working order, and the sensational Gerta Gottlieb makes all his efforts worthwhile…"

 Russ comes back from Ireland planning a relaxing time in London not realising that he is overdrawn. He is "hard-up" - bit of a vulgar double entendre but it was the arse-end of the 70's right?

 Page 5 (which is actually the FIRST page)

 Page 6

 Page 96 - Russ takes his time in this book.

 Russ breaks with tradition and enjoys a Scotch with his new buddy Dennis Hopper on page 43. He doesn't hit the vodka tonic until Page 82

 That all bank managers are total wankers

 A good one we reckon - nice to see Russ struggling for cash but still pulling the birds. 8/10