Here Comes Tobin - click for a bigger version

  Full marks to the publisher for bothering to depict one of the girls from the story. She's scandinavian looking and in a skimpy maids outfit. And is she gorgeous? Well let's be honest - you would, wouldn't you? Probably the last Tobin book to have a decent bird on the cover too. 8/10

After two years of globe-trotting Russ Tobin is summoned to Ireland bu his old friend Patrick with the job of a lifetime - Entertainments Officer at Ballytatty Castle, Co. Kildare, a fabulous luxury hotel that specialises in group tours - most of them women.
Does Russ have the strength and endurance to keep up with the forty luscious ladies of the Grand Order Of SLAP (Seek, Learn, Appreciate and Progress)? Can he fully entertain the twenty lovely members of the Try It In Kildare Lovers Expedition (known as TICKLE)? You bet he can! HERE COMES TOBIN

 The story begins in Liverpool where Russ is staying the night at the Adelphi Hotel prior to his flight to Dublin. Russ tells us that he has spent a few days with his parents in Cheshire in between this and returning from Australia. It's still January although it must be nearly February as he received Patrick's invitation on the 23rd January in Australia! Anyway - off he flies to meet his destiny yet again (chatting up ANOTHER Air Stew - Angela Bell) and this time it's an old castle turned hotel. There is a constant stream of female visitors and aside from the bedroom action with the Swedish Maid (Heidi Johansson) and the American tourist (Greta Lawson) not much happens until a Pony-Trekking accident in which Russ badly bruises his thigh. Cue lots more love and attention from the residents and that's where it ends.

 Page 6. Russ sees a girl struggling with her head under the bonnet of her broken down Mini. He can't HELP but notice her cute bum!

 Page 28. Russ chats up said bird, fixes her car and finds his way into bed with her - she's a nympho art student (is there any other type?) called Pauline Lorenson. Yet another of Russ's seemingly perfect love matches that end up as a one night stand due to his imminent scheduled departure.

 Russ's "interview" for the Ballytatty Castle job consists of him being plied with Vodka by the owner's wife - Natasha O'Shaughnessy (who Russ describes as "Mick McManus in drag") and then thoroughly seduced. She won't let him have any tonic though as she tells him that is "a girl's drink"!

  The very first page as Russ stands by the Mersey reminiscing like crazy over his days working in Liverpool.

  That you don't look a gift horse in the mouth. When Patrick offers Russ the job he could easily have stuck it out down under - but no! With friends like Patrick - you'll never go without...

 Nothing new on the Tobin front really - it's pretty much The Courier set in Ireland instead of Majorca - but so what? Good to see the return of Patrick Holmes and Russ gets plenty of action. No real plot to speak of and it ends with no clue as to where Russ will end up next time - he seems quiet happy where he is! 6/10