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Morgan cuts up a warring tribe - and Ra Mu, its sacred cult of the phallus
Michael Morgan, victor of the bloodshed of OCTOPUS HILL (also available in Mayflower) is a new type of hero. His job is to seek out and kill any threat to the interests of the British Government - AND HIS METHODS ARE HIS OWN AFFAIR
Now he joins Tarja Rankatcharyan in rescuing a beautiful English girl kidnapped by a sadistic tribe of rebels - and faces bullets, bombs and torture on the way.
The author, STANLEY MORGAN, has sold over a million books in his other famous series featuring RUSS TOBIN

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Only the one edition that we're aware of.

  • Marks out of 10 for Cover

 The picture is pretty faithful to the action in the book for once and Michael Morgan looks pretty cool Tarja is helping the girl as per usual and the obligatory big gun is in the forefront of the picture. Does the job and for once the publishers resisted the temptation to add a scantily clad lady! 7/10.

  • Our Review

 Although it isn't specifically mentioned, this adventure is obviously set a year or two after the events of Octopus Hill - at one point Michael and Tarj shudder to remember their previous mission to the African continent. Katuma is another recently independent African nation with a problem - this time it is a rogue barbaric tribe called the Bhuta who kidnap the daughter of a prominent British Diplomat and our heroes are sent in to extract her from their evil clutches. The Bhuta however are obsessed with sex and penises in particular - although I suspect it was meant to be vaguely titillating at the time some of the scenes are genuinely disturbing and the graphic descriptions of ritual castration are enough to make a boy wince!

In Octopus Hill we learn that Michael Morgan shares a love of Vodka Tonics with Mr Russ Tobin, and in this book we also learn that they share a penchant for Air Hostesses! Michael is semi-shacked up with one at the outset of the book (well she lives in his apartment complex - which is as close to co-habiting as a man like Michael will get). She has no idea what he does for a living, just that he keeps disappearing for weeks on end and returning in a state near death!

The novel flows much better than Octopus Hill (and has a touch more Bond-style humour to it), and in actual fact Michael Morgan and Tarja don't even really get involved in the story for the first 100 or so pages. The depiction of the helpless female is very much of it's time (her main concern seems to be that her shoes are rubbing quite badly during the escape..) but the male leads partnership is both funny and quite touching.

  • Rating on the MORGANOMETER
7/10 - another well written James Bond-esque adventure romp through a foreign land - the popularity of the Tobin novels at this time meant that Stan couldn't further these adventures, which is a shame because they are the equal of anything else in the genre.