Tobin In Paradise - click for a bigger version

 Russ is looking fairly sure of himself now. And we're sure he's onto a winner with the bikini blonde to his right. His trousers may be tight and hitched unnaturally high but there's not much evidence of Herc being on the prowl. That blonde is a bit of alright though - back when models were the right shape. 10/10

 Tobin, You are awful, but we love you!
Hotfoot from Safari (SO good) our intrepid explorer of the flesh comes to the Bahamas for a well-deserved rest. But Russ Tobin's holidays have a habit of turning out to be hardwork..."Tobin...." he said, in a voice quite tremulous with passion, "...until you have strolled those sun-kissed sands, swum in that azure sea, you have not lived. The Bahamas are the islands of languid do-as-you-please, where time is unknown and sensual pleasures a full time preoccupation..."
With the birds coming in by the boatload, with the casino, with the wild parties, with the sun, and sand and the sea, it's fun fun fun all the way to the bedroom. And dangerous too, as Russ discovers when he entertains a very exotic, very sexy, very married lady whose millionaire husband returns at precisely the wrong moment. Tobin's in trouble....but after all, he had it coming!

 We meet Russ in the departure lounge of JFK airport New York - he's about to board a flight for a two week holiday in Nassau when he first encounters the accident-prone Stud Ryder. Stud is like a young Tony Curtis apparently and works as a Croupier on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. A solid friendship is struck on the plane and adventures galore follow. When they've finished with the Airstews they get invited to the Contessa's party, where (after a narrow escape from a hefty German bird) Russ wins the title of KING DICK when he manages to work his way through the Zodiac Kama Sutra with Delphi Orme. He doesn't realise it but the whole party is watching him on TV! His fame spreads and before he knows it, Tonie has invited him out for a bit of a replay. No sooner has he finished with Tonie when he gets a mysterious invitation aboard a boat (Russ immediately remembers the Caroline Courtney nightmare of Come Again Courier and briefly has second thoughts). The next thing we know he's hard at it with the gorgeous Malinda - until her husband returns and proceeds to finish the job off with Russ hiding under the bed! In making their escape, Russ and Stud get mistaken for assassins and are nearly killed by the bodyguards. All's well that ends well and Russ manages one last fling (aboard ANOTHER boat) with Eloise Byrd. Unfortunately for Russ, she wears him out so much, he falls asleep and wakes up an illegal immigrant in Miami, Florida! And that's where it ends...

 On Page 12 Russ and Stud lech after the two Air Hostesses on the flight to Nassau

 By page 43, Russ has got his chosen Airstew (the nympho Bunnie Doyle) exactly where they both want to be

 Stud orders Buds in the airport on Page 8 and Martinis on the Plane (page 18) - Russ doesn't hit the Vodka Tonics until Page 29 - but from here on in, it's Vodka FRENZY. I think Russ has more Vodka in this book than in the last THREE put together!

 Whilst on the plane - Russ recounts pretty much the whole story so far to the eager Stud Ryder

 Russ really should have learned by now not to go with married women on boats, but what the hey! He's a superstud! As for SERIOUS points - there really aren't any in this book. It doesn't need them.

 10/10 for the cover and 10/10 for the book - it's a great holiday adventure for Russ with maximum Vodka consumption and more women than you can believe. Russ is obviously making up for all that lost time out in Nairobi!