Randy Comfort Rise Again- click for a bigger version Randy Comfort Rise Again edition #2 - click for a bigger version

 YOUR FANTASIES FULFILLED - FOR A FEE. The leisured ladies of the exclusive Sylvan Glade Mansions are bountiful and bored. Randy Comfort, maintenance-man extraordinaire, is there to service them, tools at the ready. And when there's money to be made out of service that's purely personal and very discreet he'll rise to the occasion, always eager to please. It's a paradise of promiscuous promise, overflowing with opportunity. Randy's going to be a handyman millionaire, however many hours of sweated overtime he puts in, and even if he dies of exhaustion in the attempt!

Two paperback editions exist

 The first paperback edition features a close-up of a bottle of Champagne being opened by a lady's hand. Some not-so-subtle symbolism going on there obviously - on a par with the Tobin Uptight "Microphone" design. Edition #2 borrows the same layout/fonts as the last couple of Tobin books and features...gasp..a completely naked lady Arabian prince (or should that be princess?) holding what looks like a banana.. 3/10 for the first edition and 8/10 for the second.

 A direct follow-on from the first "Randy Comfort" book, Rise Again sees Randy meeting yet more of the crazy residents at Sylvan Glade Mansions and inevitable hopping into bed with most of them! There is a sly nod to the Tobin series when one of the residents tells Randy about a book where a male journalist interviews females about their sexual fantasies (see Russ Tobin Uptight) and things are just starting to settle down into a routine when Randy meets Ram - the Arab Prince who is staying as a guest. Together they head out to a casino (which Stan descibes as being like the opening scene of James Bond's Dr No...and he should know!), win some money, pull some birds and then all manner of hell breaks loose! Eventually sanity prevails and we see Randy back at the mansions lining up another day's "hard work".

 8/10 - Randy Comfort starts to hit his stride as the character develops more, but unfortunately the series never progressed beyond this book two.