Tobin On Safari - click for a bigger version

  • Marks out of 10 for Cover

 Let's be frank - Russ looks a bit camp on this cover. It's the cravat and the White suit obviously - even the ludicrously phallic telescopic lens camera can't make him look like the Superstud he is. Let alone the blonde in the hunter's helmet and leopard print bikini (Get it? He's on SAFARI. Surely all females dress like that?). 3/10

  • Cover Notes

 Birds are Tobin's big game on safari. When the pride of Britain becomes a courier for a safari company, his first job is to get to know all the birds in East Africa - intimately. And for the stud who thinks that big game is anything with four legs - so long as two of them are his - it all comes deliciously easily. Those birds come thick and fast, too, when they see Tobin bursting at the seams to help them explore some virgin country. Safari, so good, he thinks after his first thrust into the big wild. And after a few more days and nights on the job he is convinced.

  • Brief Description of the Plot

 Russ arrives in Kenya and meets up with his new colleague Shaun Brady (a red-blooded Irish ladies man - sound familiar???). He has a big jungle adventure at Lake Amboseli , getting charged by Rhinos and Elephants, but he survives as always and eventually gets down to the real business of sharing his love with the beautiful girls in the area. Meanwhile Shaun accidentally pulls a bloke in drag...

  • Page at which Russ Tobin first eyes up a lady

 Russ eyes up Tessa who apparently has a "right pair" on Page 26 - unfortunately her guardian - Ma Connell beats all the men off with a handbag, just as Russ is about to make a move.

  • Page at which Russ Tobin first gets to know a lady in the biblical sense

 Not until Page 87 with the delectable Carol.

  • Page at which Russ Tobin first drinks a Vodka Tonic

 Two pages in and Russ is on the Vodka Tonics. On page 28, Tessa asks Russ if Vodka makes him feel sexy...Russ's reply? - "Outrageously.."

  • Page at which Russ Tobin first reminisces about a previous adventure

 On Page 83, just before they make love, Russ tells Carol his entire life story. That's SOME foreplay Russ...

  • Serious points raised

 Nothing in particular except that Kenya is obviously a very, very beautiful place.

  • Rating on the MORGANOMETER

Historically we have always considered this our least favourite Tobin book - it seems that hardly any women fall at Russ's feet, but in reality he has Carol and then weird Annie towards the end - so it's about average for him. There are lots of long passages about wildlife and landscape, described in fanatical detail, which actually makes for a pleasant interlude from hearing about the incessant antics of Herc for a while. On reflection - an average 5/10