Tobin In Tahiti - click for a bigger version

 The most exotic looking girl to grace a Tobin cover since Tobin For Hire – obviously she is a stereotypical Tahitian beauty. A new publisher for Stan meant a change of cover design. The Bedside Guide would be the only book to feature a would-be "Russ Tobin" model from now on. The Futura editions all feature a lady lying across the back and front of the book – if you open the cover up you get the whole picture – there is loads of grass skirt and some feet on the back cover – you’re not missing much lads. 7/10

 "FREE LOVE IN THE SUN. Silver sand, crystal sea, whispering palm trees and the moonlight over the lagoon…TAHITI The paradise of the South Seas was all the brochures had promised. But when Russ Tobin and Buzz Malone arrived there, they discovered that there were one or two things they hadn’t mentioned. Like the lethal local aphrodisiac whose effects were said not to wear off for twenty-four hours, and the eccentric Frenchman’s all-night parties, notorious for their beautiful and demanding women. Tobin and Buzz had only one day and one night to spend in Tahiti. It was more than enough"

 We join Russ & Buzz as the plane lands and from there on in – it’s two days of shagging, watching porn movies and partying. There really isn’t a plot other than that. But the action all takes place within 48 hrs so who needs a plot? As they fly on to Sydney – Buzz tells Russ he’s got him a job with an Escort Agency. BRILLIANT!

 Page 6 (two pages in)

 Page 6 (two pages in)

 Page 72 but don’t be fooled – Russ is being a gent here and waiting for the moment to be right. He could have started MUCH earlier

 Would you believe it? Russ doesn’t have a single Vodka! He wakes up on the plane with a hangover, has Beer (pg 28), Cinzano (pg 37), Rum Punch (pg 53), Tea (pg 76), Champagne (pg 86) and a WICKED Polynesian love potion called CUM CUM JUICE on page 104. Oh yeah - Later on he has some regular coconut juice (pg 127). Stan was never one to let the formula get too staid.

 Erm….that there really isn’t much to do in Tahiti except shag, drink, watch pornos and extend your RAMPANT LIBIDO even more by guzzling love potions. And also – you don’t tip the waiters in Tahiti. And always ask before you "borrow" someone’s car.

 The lack of plot makes for a fairly routine two days of love. 6/10