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 Hardback edition on WH Allen and 2 paperback editions on Star

  • Marks out of 10 for Cover

  It's a ladies hand with sexy bright red nail varnish, clutching a microphone (a Shure Unisphere 588SA for all the sound technicians out there) - and guess what? the microphone looks a bit like a penis. The hardback and paperback covers differ slightly in colour and typeface, as well as a slightly different photo of hand clutching mike.
HELLO??? Someone forgot the semi-naked women!! 3/10 A much better paperback edition exists that comes in the same style as Tobin In Hollywood and Tobin Among The Stars - a welcome return to the naked lady theme - and if you look closely - she is holding a microphone...clever! 8/10

  • Cover Notes

Russ Tobin is off to Hollywood to try his fortune - he has his airline ticket but he still needs some extra cash. To this end he takes on some serious night-work : it's for a new well-rounded girlie magazine called THRUST and involves interviewing girls about their initimate sex lives.

Russ Tobin is never one to turn down a challenge and he approaches his new duties with gusto...His passionately breathtaking adventures will warm the cockles of every male chauvinist's heart as they accompany Tobin on this truly side-splitting romp.

ROAD TO HOLLYWOOD - If film buffs enjoyed the antics of Hope's and Crosby's Road To... movies, there's no guarantee that RUSS TOBIN UP TIGHT will evoke quite the same kind of hilarity - but then there was never a hero quite like Russ. Things happen to Tobin and with characteristic bonhomie he continues to make the mostest out of them.
HARD UP left our champion of amatory chance with an airline ticket to Twinkle City, that glittering magnet for disciples of decadence and would-be film stars, Hollywood. His problem - money to exist before the big break. No way, eventful as it turned out to be could a salesman selling sewing machines for ZIP Electrics of Kennington, hope single-handedly to beat the fall of sterling against the dollar. No way at all, until the Sits. Vac threw up a job with publishing entrepreneur, Cy Findecker. Then Russ Tobin's road to Hollywood opened up like the pulsating flood-gates of passion itself.

  • Brief Description of PLOT (if applicable)

 Erm..that's the plot in a nutshell - Russ has his ticket to LA but is still living in Balham. He reckons he needs a grand to live on in Hollywood so he looks for another part-time job to supplement what he is earning with Zip Electrics in the day. Incredibly the first thing he applies for turns out to be interviewing young women about their sex lives for a porno mag! What a stroke of luck! Well it gets better - one of his interviewees (Kelly) turns out to be an Air Hostess (Russ's FAVOURITE kind of lady!) who just happens to own a beach house in LA which she gives him the key to - as if that's not luck enough for our man Russ - he will also be sharing the beach house with two other Air Hostesses (Barbara and Samantha)..."they won't mind" Kelly tells him...quelle surprise!

  • Page at which first lecherous description of a BIRD occurs

 Page 12 - Russ arrives for his interview at THRUST Magazine and can't help but notice what a nice pair of "beachballs" the receptionist has!

  • Page at which first SHAG occurs

 Page 56 - Russ's first interview gets him somewhat worked up...luckily the lady in question feels the same way. As do all the other girls he interviews throughout!

  • Page at which Tobin first drinks a Vodka Tonic

 First Page! Russ is in the pub as the story opens - enjoying a Vodka Tonic with Dennis.

  • Page at which Tobin first reminisces about a previous adventure

 Dennis does some reminiscing on behalf of Russ on Page 6, but Russ delivers a full precis of his adventures during the interview at THRUST on Page 15

  • Serious points raised

 That women enjoy pornography just as much as men and certainly like talking to complete strangers about it! And also that Air Hostesses are BRILLIANT!

  • Rating on the MORGANOMETER

  A tough call - clearly not much goes on in the book except for the lengthy interview/shag chapters, but Stan neatly ties up how Russ is going to be able to afford to live in Hollywood having secured his passage. 7/10