Author? Actor? Serious Novellist? Genius? Stanley is ALL these things and more.

Until recently, he was just a mythical figure to us. A legend of the times. But in early November 2000, thanks to the internet, we finally made contact with STAN THE MAN! We're OVER-JOYED to report that he is still very much alive and well and has provided us with lots more information for our site. Check out the 'Morgan Unearthed' 2001 Interview here or the LATEST 2005 interview.

Alternatively enjoy a brief synopsis of his career thus far.

In the 1960's he co-starred in a number of British films such as The L-Shaped Room and Konga. Stanley even had a PIVOTAL role in the first Bond Movie - Dr No!! According to the Internet Movie Database Stan also appeared in an episode of Magnum PI in the 80's as a piano player..a rumour that Stan himself has vigorously denied!

Around this time he also featured in several TV commercials such as Camay Soap, Black and Decker Tools and Esso Petrol. Then an advertising producer suggested he make a 'voice-over' test tape for Whiskas cat food...and a whole new career was launched. During the next ten years he did the voice-overs for some 500 commercials - Esso, Shell, British Army, Castella Cigars, Whiskas, Kodak etc - and became one of the top voice-over artists of the era.

In the late 1960's and throughout the 1970's he turned his hand to writing and wrote a series of books detailing the adventures of a happy-go-lucky ladies man, the name of RUSS TOBIN. The first million sales of Tobin occurred in 1973. Stan says "Granada (Mayflower) presented me with a gold pen which I still have but have never used!" Total sales of Tobin were around TEN MILLION - without the benefit of critical review or any substantial advertising. He sold particularly well in Australia, New Zealand, India and the Far East, and, to nobody's surprise, was banned in 1970s South Africa.

Stan also gave us a trilogy based around a dodgy Airline, and somewhere along the way found time to write a couple of serious adventure books, a handful of sex-comedies and later on in the 1980's and 90's some serious NOVELS which eluded critical acclaim, suffered from publishing disasters and are as a result, devilishly hard to come by. However, copies of his books frequently turn up on EBay (NB there is also an old jazz musician and an American Football player both called Stanley Morgan)

His Tobin novels and others were available at the time in Airport departure lounges and the like - easy-going hilarious reading for long boring journeys. Now at the turn of the century these works of GENIUS can be located through Amazon Marketplace, charity shops, car-boot sales and house clearances. It would be easy for the casual Morgan reader to suspect that Russ Tobin is Stan's alter ego but is it the TRUTH?. It would be just as easy to speculate that Stanley based his Flyboys series around his own life - but did Stan ever have a pilot's license or did he own an airline? All these questions and many more are answered in our EXCLUSIVE interview - the first time Stanley has spoken out in more than a decade. Find out what he has to say about his life and work RIGHT HERE..

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